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About MV Curtains & Soft Furnishings

MV Curtains & Soft furnishings makes your house a home. The same principle applies as when we look good, we feel good, so if our environment is surrounded by things of our taste, like our curtains and cushions, this helps us feel good, in addition, waking up in a beautiful home can give us energy and a sense of calm. So dress your home. Contact us. Or, send us a Whatsapp (072 993 1832). 

MV Curtains is based on the Eastrand of Gauteng.

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MV Curtains - Where we are and how we can help you

We are a Johannesburg based company. We design and make curtains, however, we design and make curtains and soft furnishings for all over by using our form (measure your home), fill in the necessary requirements, submit and we will reply to you with a quote and further information.  You can Whatsapp us, or use our instant chat feature (bottom of the site) or send us an email for any of your queries.

MV Curtains & Soft Furnishings - With fashion design

Marisela Veludo is a fashion designer and owns Passion4Fashion (a fashion design business) and has been designing since 2001. We started MV Curtains & Soft Furnishings to give the public the opportunity to have designer curtains, custom printed curtains, and soft furnishings. By using our services, you have the choice to choose your colours, tones & shades of your curtains. You can choose the design of your curtains, we can custom print curtains and your soft furnishings with names, pictures, images, anything you can imagine.

MV Curtains - The services we offer:

  • Custom printed fabrics for your interior soft furnishings
  • Design and make per measurement,
    • curtains,
    • cushions,
    • table runners
    • table cloths
    • bedding
    • seat cushioning
    • delivery and fitting of your curtains at an extra fee
    • We can measure your home for you (at an extra fee) or you can send us the measurements we need using our measure your home form.

Be unique our home is a reflection of who we are.